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Why work harder- when you can work smarter and easier with MCM

Great entrepreneurs need brilliant contractors - 
You need support from a team who have the right amount of experience, a good attitude, and strong skills.

Outdoors Meeting

Don't get stuck in a bind again. Each client has two specialists - one to be their primary who works the day-to-day and the other to manage any problems that may come up or help with excess work. This service is included in your flat rate!

Hotline Consultant

MadChar Media has established a partnership with an industry leader in technological innovation. We are using this platform as a stepping stone to ensure our direct clients get the best pre-screened, reliable agents with MadChar Media. No matter the size of the client, we provide unparalleled service and follow meticulous procedures to ensure complete client satisfaction.


MadChar Media has a great program to integrate with your systems. This allows our agents to help you manage and operate your Remote Call Centers. You can increase productivity by allowing MCM to hire and run your Call Center for less than running a brink and mortar. There is no need to outsource to other countries when you can have one of our agents working here in the United States. 

Man Working from Home

Whether in-person, virtual, temporary, or permanent, let MadChar Media help you find the perfect candidate. We take great
pride in our screening process to ensure your candidates are experienced, educated, and ready to work.

Types of Staffing Agencies. There are different types of employment agencies, and you can enlist any agency's services depending on your recruitment needs. The ideal kind of agency for you will depend on the type of job that you’re looking for, your work history, your geographical location, and your flexibility in staffing or getting hired.

Traditional Employment Agencies. Traditional staffing agencies help in connecting candidates to employers. These agencies also assist employees seeking jobs by providing them with staffing services that help them find an ideal employer. Such employment agencies may charge job seekers and employers some fee to help them find a job or an employer. Most of these job agencies specialize in specific industries.

Temp Agencies. Do you need a temporary job, or are you offering one? If so, you should seek a temp agency's staffing services. These employment and recruitment agencies connect employees to employers who offer temporary jobs. Temporary employers are often hired during seasonal increases in business to provide more labor. These agencies may also help your company to get short-term professional consultants.

Executive or Retained Search Firm. Retained search firms are staffing agencies with exclusive relations with an employer. Such staffing agencies often get hired to seek senior and executive-level searches for a specified period. The agencies
source and contact prospective candidates or even talk to executives who aren’t actively pursuing employment. The firms can entice such potential executives to leave their jobs and join new employers. These firms are often referred to as “headhunters.” These ‘headhunters’ get paid for their services and an extra percentage of the employee’s salary. The executive search firms conduct a thorough background search on all prospective employees, and they can do the recruitment process on your
company’s behalf before referring the employee to your company. 


We can be whatever you need! Contact us today for a quote on staffing and recruiting services.


ALL AGENT QUALIFY FOR THESE POSITONs AFTER WORKIN IN OUR CALL CENTER FOR A MINIMUM OF SIX(6) MONTHS- jobs are placed with a lead agent and a secondary to ensure that our direct clients will never miss a deadline and always have support.

Our way of placement with our Virtual Positions is to help our direct clients have a level of comfort and security to assist in lowering the turnover rate in the WAH and Remote positions. 


Our Virtual Assistants provide support services to other businesses from a remote location. This means they work from a remote location, often a home office, using technological tools to perform their job duties and to stay in touch with clients, supervisors, and other team members. Relying on virtual assistants can help your company financially while boosting productivity. We can lower your employment costs, provide flexibility, minimize overhead, access a larger talent pool, and obtain valuable customer feedback and market data. 


Administrative Support
We offer full-service office staff at a fraction of the cost, providing basic administrative support and a team of well-trained professionals. Let our Administrative Virtual Assistants handle your routine and repetitive tasks like database and CRM management, scheduling, email and calendar management, basic administrative support, listing support, phone answering and reception, bookkeeping, and more! Why work harder when we can do it for you?


Customer Support
Our Customer Support Services include customer acquisition, retention, customer service, and technical support. No matter the contract we can help, we run our our Virtual Call Center to assist in all your customer service needs. Our Customer Service Virtual Assistants are trained to handle all your customer inquiries, help desk tickets, and support tasks to ensure your customers are fully satisfied! We take pride in delivering the highest quality virtual assistants, letting you rapidly scale to meet growing demand.

Project Management
If you require Human Capital Management (Recruitment, Payroll, HR), or Project Managers we can source highly skilled professionals to be an offshore extension of your local team. 

Social Media Management and Marketing Assistants
Looking for Online Marketing (SEO, SEM, Social), Content Marketing (Copywriting, Proofing/Editing, Content Moderation), or Data Analysis and Market Research services. Our Marketing Virtual Assistants can tackle your online marketing, social media management, collateral development, video editing and production, graphic design and layout, website management, SEO, blogging, and more — professionally delivered to make your brand stand out.

Sales + Lead Generation
Our trained sales representatives can assist your sales team in the inbound and outbound management of your clients and leads.  Hire an experienced Inside Sales Agent (ISA) to handle prospecting calls, like warm and cold calling, lead screening and qualification, prospect and client follow-up, and nurturing. Our ISA Virtual Assistants create new opportunities and improve customer service and long-term client retention. 

Virtual Executive Assistant
From managing email and meetings to staying on top of project updates to creating important documents, your virtual assistant can take care of all the details while you focus on the big picture.

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